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Pool Heaters Installation & Repairs

Arctic Air Conditioning Company offers various pool heaters to enhance the enjoyment of swimming all year long. Sales, installation, and service is expertly provided for inground and above ground swimming pools for both residential and commercial uses. If you need help with your swimming pool heater, please give us a call today.

Pool Heaters Installations

The first decision to make is whether you should use a gas pool heater or an electric heat pump. Gas is a little cheaper up front but requires a constant source of gas or propane while you are running it. And you have to turn the gas off and on for bursts of heating, which is not always ideal. In contrast, a heat pump is electric powered and operates really easy for years of use. Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and transfers it to the circulated pool water. Because of this, the air should be 45 degrees or warmer for optimal results. Contact us for more information.

Pool Heaters Repairs

Having a pool heater and having one that works properly are two different outcomes that can make the comfort of your swim vastly different. A broken swimming pool is truly no fun at all, so give the exceptional service team at Arctic Air Conditioning Company a call and we’ll get back in warm water with ease. We service all makes and models of pool heaters and we can replace old, outdated units with a modern heaters that makes off season swimming pleasant again.

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