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Indoor Air Quality

Arctic Air Conditioning Company specializes in improving indoor air quality that is likely aggravating respiratory health ailments and allergies. We start advanced testing and auditing, which is super affordable and easy on you. And we finish with the right air quality solution for your specific need, from whole house HEPA filtration to UV lights and so much more.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A sick building is something that needs your help in healing. The most common indoor air problem is particle allergens such as dust, dander, pollen, spores and bacteria, which occurs in most all homes. A standard air filter provides a basic level of equipment protection but it fails to provide enhanced protection to you and your family. By improving your indoor air quality you will improve your health and enhance the comfort of your home or office.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Proper testing is required to determine the current quality of the air you are breathing inside of your home or office. We can test for and identify VOCs, Carbon Monoxide and other health concerns in your air. And our blower door test and thermal imaging analysis will pinpoint entry points that can be sealed to bring a correct balance to your indoor air for years of comfort.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Now that you know a little more about why indoor air quality matters and what Arctic Air Conditioning Company can do about it, let’s discuss some of the solutions. Whole-house dehumidifiers and complete HEPA air filtration systems are very popular and widely known to be effective. We also see great benefits with Energy Recovery Ventilators, Fresh Air Systems, and UV Lights. Let’s not overlook the importance of duct cleaning and the sealing of the air system and your entire building. Not every home is right for any specific solution so our absolute goal is in creating the perfect plan to make your indoor air quality as perfect as it can be.

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