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If you experience that there is higher energy consumption at your home, then there is a need to find energy-consuming factors. We do this for you in form of thermographic inspections, energy audits, and blower door tests. These tests identify the factors which are consuming energy most. These services have a great advantage of saving money and returning savings to you that you have to spend on fixing your indoor air quality problems. Start with us today and reap the benefits.

Blower Door Tests

We perform blower door tests for monitoring airtightness at your home. The important point is that if there are some leak points at your home, then you cannot enjoy enough cooling or heating. In case of leaking, an air conditioner needs additional energy to deliver sufficient cooling. Therefore, we go for blower door tests. The blower door test is necessary due to the following reasons:

  • First, the blower door test identifies leak points within your air-conditioned areas.
  • Second, it removes the uncomfortable drafts which persist due to leaking points.
  • Third, a blower door test minimizes the issues of moisture condensation.
  • Fourth, a blower door test helps decide the amount of ventilation required for keeping indoor air quality balanced.

While applying the blower door test, a blower door (forceful fan) is used which is mounted at an exterior door frame. The purpose of fixing the blower door is that; it reduces inside air pressure by expelling air outside. If there are some leak points, then this pressure comes back inside through unsealed openings. So, an unsealed opening is important to be sealed. The blower door is designed to get fixed to your exterior door. Components of the blower door include a manometer to measure airflow, hoses, a pressure gauge for monitoring outside and inside pressure, a fan, a flexible panel, and a frame.

There are two types of blower doors including calibrated blower doors and un-calibrated blower doors. A calibrated blower door consists of multiple gauges. These gauges perfectly quantify the air amount expelled out by the blower door. Energy auditors use a calibrated blower door to get the desired information correctly. An un-calibrated blower door is used to find the leak points. Hire us for your blower door test because we provide the right piece of information.

Energy Audits

Are you paying more for electricity bills? If the answer is yes, then there is some problem with electrical equipment running at your house. Maybe your air conditioner is working hard to spread sufficient cooling throughout the house. The reason behind hardworking of your air conditioner is the leaks at your home and you are unaware of them. Leaks at plain sights difficult to inspect. Are you having the expertise of finding the leaks? How do you monitor the inefficiency of your electrical equipment?

A home energy audit is the most suitable thing to do in this scenario. There are several advantages of a home energy audit such as:

  1. Home energy audit finds leaks and monitors the energy usage of your home.
  2. Moreover, it checks the inefficiency of your appliances.
  3. Further, it saves your repairing cost to the HVAC unit.
  4. Furthermore, a home energy audit prevents your HVAC unit from the circulation of allergen particles, dust, humidity, mold, and others.

Our home energy audit comprises of two parts including an onsite home inspection and a virtual assessment. The infrared thermography technique is used for an onsite home inspection. The latest technology software performs the process of a virtual assessment that evaluates appliance repairs, the need for more infrastructure, and the requirement of more insulation at your home. We are here to perform your home energy audit preventing you from additional costs and protecting your HVAC unit and other appliances.

Thermographic Inspections

HVAC technicians use still cameras and infrared video to measure surface temperature. This technique is called thermography. Technicians monitor the light in the heat spectrum through these tools. They record temperature variations in form of a film or a video. Color of the building’s skin changes with varying temperatures. Black color represents cooler regions and white color represents warm areas. A record of these images shows the insulation if required. The thermographic inspection also measures the correct installation of insulation.

A thermographic inspection offers two types of surveys including exterior survey and interior survey. Varying weather conditions require different types of thermographic inspection and auditors know what kind of survey is best in a specific weather condition. Interior scans are commonly used due to their perfect measurements and reduced air movement. It is difficult to measure temperature at a building’s outside due to wind and extreme weather. In windy or extreme weather interior survey is the most suitable. Arctic Air Conditioning Company is having special expertise in thermography. We do the best possible assessment for you as per building and weather situation.

Thermographic scans also work along with blower door testing because they detect air leaking. In the infrared camera, these leaks look like black streaks. Thermograms show heat variations at a building surface. Thermograms are made with a still camera or infrared video. Thermograms notice excessive heat and unusually hot electrical networks. Thermography is used to determine air leakages and heat losses.

Arctic Air Conditioning Company uses infrared to monitor insulation’s effectiveness at a building. Dry insulation conducts heat slower as compared to wet insulation. Our team of auditors detects roof leaks with a thermographic scan. We recommend you go for a thermographic scan while buying a house because there may be thermal envelope defects. You must need a certified technician to perform a thermographic scan accurately. We have certified technicians that are expert in performing thermographic inspections. We provide you thermographic scan with accurate documentation. Contact us today to perform a thermographic inspection of your house.

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