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An oversized or undersized air conditioner in your room makes you uncomfortable by producing higher or lower cooling. So, the accurate sizing of an air conditioner matters a lot. You need to consider many things before HVAC installation such as energy star certification, reversibility, inverter technology, efficiency rating, cooling capacity, air conditioner sizing, and others. Cooling capacity and air conditioner sizing both are very important. The right side of an air conditioner matters a lot because it affects cooling capacity. Top HVAC companies provide the best AC installation service with complete instruction on air conditioner maintenance service to keep working your best HVAC system in long run. Arctic Air Conditioning Company provides a comprehensive guideline on the right HVAC sizing, HVAC installation, HVAC maintenance, HVAC heating, and air conditioning repair, HVAC replacement, AC leak repair, AC duct repair, heating, and cooling repair, and other HVAC services.

Do you know what size of an air conditioner is required at your place? No? This article will brief you about the right sizing of an air conditioner that your place needs. Operations of an air conditioner are highly affected by BTU or tonnage. Arctic Air Conditioning company helps you select the air conditioners’ right size for your room. Let us find the right size of air conditioner for you.

There is a rule of thumb to determine the accurate sizing of an air conditioner required for a room. In the accurate determination of an air conditioner’s sizing, certain factors are highly important such as flooring material, room’s location at your place, humidity level, inside and outside temperature difference, air volume to the room, wall material, wall insulation, and some more. Find the right size of your air conditioner by considering major factors. Here, is the list of some major factors that affect air conditioner’s sizing to a great extent:

  1. Room Size

Room size plays a great role in getting the right size of an air conditioner. First, there is a need to calculate the room size. It is very simple to calculate room size. Multiplication of length and width gives accurate room size. Second, calculate the area that requires more cooling. Third, calculate BTU (British Thermal Unit) which is AC’s capacity of removing heat from your space. You need to figure out how much hot area do you have. It is tricky but HVAC contractors do this for you easily by trained HVAC professionals. Arctic Air Conditioning Company is one of the top heating and cooling HVAC companies in Panama City Florida, that has highly trained HVAC professionals. Its HVAC professionals provide the best guideline on AC’s right sizing and AC maintenance service.

  • Height of the Room

The room’s height determines the required cooling capacity. A high ceiling room needs an air conditioner with a higher cooling capacity. Similarly, a low ceiling room needs an AC of comparatively lower cooling capacity. Wall-mounted mini-splits provide greater cooling to the high ceiling room as compared to window AC. Mini-splits are fixed at the higher position on a wall therefore, it effectively cools the rising warm air.

  • Insulated Walls

Insulated walls have non-conductive material that keeps the room warm in winter and cool in the summer season. This happens just because of thermal insulation. Thermal insulation not only prevents cooling loss but also minimizes heat conduction. If your room has no insulated wall then, you need an AC with a higher air conditioning requirement. If you want to have a new AC installation service and are seeking HVAC Panama City then, Arctic Air Conditioning Company is the best destination. We are one of the most trusted HVAC companies for air conditioning repair in Panama City Florida. Our HVAC services include AC installation service, air conditioning repair, heat and air repair, and other HVAC heating and cooling services. We provide 24-hour air conditioning service.

  • Level of Humidity

A higher level of humidity indicates higher air conditioning requirements. An AC act as a dehumidifier by removing extra moisture from the space. If your room has a higher humidity then, you need a higher capacity air conditioner. HVAC professionals of Arctic Air Conditioning Panama City accurately measure the humidity level at your place.

  • Location of your home

Different locations have varying air conditioning requirements. Humidor warmer areas need higher air conditioning requirements with big size. In contrast, dry or cooler regions need the smaller size of an air conditioner. Similarly, areas that have direct exposure to sunlight need a larger size air conditioner and planting areas require a smaller size of AC.

  • Number and the type of windows in the room

The sizing requirements of an air conditioner also depend on the number and type of windows in the room. Double-pane or low-e windows are energy-efficient therefore, they reduce air conditioning requirements. There are smaller AC requirements for a room having energy-efficient windows. Fixed or treated windows need a larger AC size to maintain sufficient cooling inside. Numerous windows in a room produce more heat inside due to natural light or sunshine in hot weather. Therefore, a room with numerous windows needs a larger air conditioner as compared to a room with only one window. With the services of heating and cooling in Panama City Florida, we highly encourage our HVAC team to give an accurate guideline to the customers about air conditioning sizing, installation, and AC repair.

  • People occupying the room

Multiple people occupying a room produce more heat and make the environment warm inside. Thus, a room with numerous people needs higher air conditioning requirements.

Are you worried about the inaccurate sizing of your air conditioner? Yes? Arctic Air Conditioning company finds the best AC size for your room. Consult our HVAC professional to get an accurate AC size chart for the perfect sizing of your air conditioner. We always encourage you to choose the best. Moreover, we provide the best HVAC services with AC repair in Panama City Beach. We provide cheap AC repair. If you are seeking an affordable AC repair, then we are the best choice for you.

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