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Arctic Air Conditioning Company believes in well-being and aims to improve public health by ensuring indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality intensifies allergies and respiratory health ailments. We offer the right air quality solutions to you according to your requirement ranging from UV lights to HEPA filtration and more. Our super affordable solutions, auditing, and advanced testing put our customers at ease.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Particle allergens like bacteria, spores, pollen, dander, and dust are major indoor air problems. These particle allergens persist at every home & business place. Advance air filters are required to fix these indoor air problems because standard air filters are not enough to protect you from these allergens. If you are much concerned about your health then, you must improve air quality at your place. Improved air quality not only improves your health but also enriches your comfort.

Testing of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air is tested to check the air quality we are breathing. We use proper testing techniques and equipment to measure the number of contaminants in the air. Arctic Air Conditioning Company performs identification and testing of carbon monoxide, VOCs, and more. Moreover, we apply thermal imaging analysis and blower door test to find the points that need sealing intending to get balanced indoor air for you.

Solutions to the Indoor Air Quality

We offer multiple solutions to indoor air quality such as UV lights, fresh air systems, energy recovery ventilators, HEPA air filtration systems, house humidifiers, point sealing, duct cleaning, and more. Every home needs a particular type of solution. A single solution is not fit for every building, therefore; we offer multiple solutions. We offer a perfect plan with absolute goals to ensure good indoor air quality.

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