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The air conditioning system keeps you in your comfort zone even in severely hot weather. If your HVAC heating and cooling system is providing sufficient cooling then, you must contact HVAC contractors for AC repair. Timely maintenance saves your AC from great damage and higher consumption of energy.

Arctic Air Conditioning Company offers 24-hour air conditioning service so; you can hire an HVAC expert at any time from one of the best HVAC companies in Panama City Florida. Our HVAC professional guides you about the basics of HVAC repair including AC duct repair, AC leak repair, heating, and cooling system repair, heater repair, and the best time of HVAC replacement or new HVAC installation. Our well-trained experts are here to provide you the complete information about DIY HVAC maintenance. With our basic training and guidance, you can fix common problems with your best HVAC system by yourself. We have easy DIY solutions for heating and air conditioning repair for the most common problems. Save your AC repair cost and get your own AC maintenance service rather than hiring an AC repair company. Complete guidance of DIY heating and AC repair is given below.

Required Tools and Materials

When your AC stops providing sufficient cooling then, you must look into the air conditioning problem. Following tools and materials are required for quick AC servicing:

Tools: Keep important tools with you before starting heating and air conditioning repairs such as voltage taster, Bratchet/socket set, nut driver, needle-nose pliers, multi-meter, insulated screwdriver, cordless driver or drill, and an adjustable wrench.

Materials: Basic materials like fuses, contactors, condenser fan motor, compressed air, and capacitor are required for heat and air repair.

What to do? DIY Steps

First of all, look into the furnace. Confirm that the issue is not associated with the furnace. Minimize the temperature and select AC mode for the setting of the thermostat.  Fan kicks-in shows that it is not a furnace problem. If the fan is not working, then reset the circuit breaker of the furnace. Secondly, look into the condensing unit. Make sure that the fan and compressor are running. If they are not running then, follow the DIY steps of troubleshooting your air conditioning system.

Important Caution: Disconnect the power by turning off the main breakers of the furnace and AC. Take a voltage tester to make sure the power is disconnected.

Buy Parts if Required: Sometimes parts like condenser fan motor, capacitor, and AC contractor is failed. Buy the finest part from one of the top HVAC companies and replace it.

STEP 1: Pick up the Anatomy

It is important to learn the framework of an air conditioning system to fix its problems. The evaporator coil and a condensing unit are the two major parts of a central AC system. You must know the chemistry of the whole AC system. You can replace three parts of the condensing unit including the condenser fan motor, the start capacitor, and the AC contactor. If a compressor needs to get removed then, contact the air conditioner maintenance service company. Get the best services from Arctic Air Conditioning Company HVAC Panama City Beach.

STEP 2: Turn Off the Power

Firstly, expose the electrical box and detach the power links. Secondly, confirm the power disconnection with a voltage sniffer.

STEP 3: Vacuum the Condenser Coils

Remove the dust and debris from the condenser coil. Flush the fragments by pointing the nozzle down. You may use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to remove the dust particles from all around the coil. Moreover, use water to remove the remaining debris after adjusting the nozzle.

STEP 4: Check the Cartridge Fuses

Monitor the cartridge fuses. If you found a blown fuse, then replace the parts. Install new fuses because there is some failure in the condensing unit. If a newly installed fuse blows again then, you must contact HVAC companies for air conditioning repair in Panama City Beach.

STEP 5: Inspection of the Access Panel

Go for the inspection of the access panel by removing and storing the retaining screws. Check the presence of rodents before replacing the part. If you notice chewed insulation or broken wires then release the capacitor carefully. Repair the insulation and then remove the rodents, their nest, and the debris. If you cannot handle the whole process then, call the experts of AC repair Panama City Beach.

Discharging a Dual Run Capacitor: Detach the capacitor and reach the insulated screwdriver located amid the COMMON and the HERM terminal. Repeat the process for the “C” terminal and “F” (FAN) terminal.

STEP 6: Replacing the Run Capacitor

An AC system must have a capacitor that stores and releases the energy when required. It protects the fan motor of the condenser and compressor from impairment by smoothing output voltage. If you do not replace the failed capacitor then, it may result in early failure of the condenser and the compressor fan motor. So, replace the run/start capacitor as early as possible. Do not wait and consult with the best air conditioning repair Panama City Beach service provider like Arctic Air Conditioning Company.

STEP 7: Replacing the Air Conditioner Contactor

Failure of AC contactor is the most common problem of central air conditioning system. Every AC contactor needs replacement after 5 years of its installation. Do you want to replace your AC contactor? If yes then, contact the best companies in HVAC Panama City to get a reliable AC contactor.

STEP 8: Testing the Repairs

Test your repairs before running your air conditioning system. Disconnect the block and again install the access panel.  Reset the thermostat after turning on the furnace switch and the circuit breaker. Now let the AC get started. If your repairing measures are correct then the condenser fan spins and the compressor operates well.

If you are worried about DIY troubleshooting of your air conditioning system then, make a call to Arctic Air Conditioning Company which is one of the best companies of air conditioning Panama City Florida. We offer the best HVAC services in heating and cooling Panama City Florida.

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