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When there is higher a temperature outside, the efficiency of your air conditioning system drops intensely. We have some smart tips to make your air conditioner more efficient even on hot days. Moreover, these precautionary measures also save your cost of paying higher energy bills.

  1. Regular Tune-up of an Air Conditioning System: A regular maintenance of the heating and cooling system increases its efficiency. An un-tuned HVAC heating and cooling unit increases energy bills and works harder to provide desired heating and cooling. Usually, more than 50% of problems occur due to no air conditioner maintenance service. If you want a regular tune-up of your Air Conditioning system then, call HVAC contractors for AC servicing.
  2. Keep the Outdoor Condenser Unit Neat & Clean: If the condenser unit is clean then it works well. Call a professional when needed in-depth cleaning. Contact air conditioning repair Panama City Florida to get better results.
  3. Unblock indoor and outdoor vents: Unblock indoor and outdoor vents with a vacuum cleaner because it helps in maintaining steady airflow. Do not place materials such as toys, furniture, and blinds near to the vents because they may block them. Get in touch with any top HVAC professional for AC duct repair, AC leak repair, overall AC repair, and any other AC maintenance service. Arctic Air Conditioning Company is the greatest choice for air conditioning repair Panama City Beach.
  4. Use a programmable thermostat: Adjust different temperatures for both seasons i.e. winter and summer. It helps in saving energy and keep your AC working smoothly. Get your best programmable thermostat from HVAC companies Panama City Florida. With a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature according to the situation, for example, if you are not at home you can leave the thermostat alone with a higher temperature and drop it back on returning home. We are here to provide the best HVAC services of heating and cooling Panama City Florida.
  5. Place Far your Heat Producing Appliances: Heat-producing appliances like lamps, stoves, ovens, and others should be placed at a remote distance from the air conditioner’s thermostat. If you place any such appliances near the thermostat then, your air conditioner will take more time to cool your room. It not only put the burden on your heating and cooling system but also adds to energy bills.  Arctic Air Conditioning Company provides 24-hour air conditioning service so, you can take advice at any time about your AC repair and service.
  6. Protect Your Air Conditioner from the Sun: Always protect your air conditioning unit from the sun. Generally, the north side is the best location to place it. But, this location is not practical in various housing. You can achieve your goal of air conditioner protection in various ways. Firstly, you can build a shade over the AC unit. Secondly, you can protect the AC unit through landscaping by planting trees and shrubs. First of all, this landscaping not only looks good but also gives an ideal look to the house. Secondly, it keeps your air HVAC heating and cooling system cool and increases its efficiency. Moreover, it protects your house from direct sun rays. Before protecting your air conditioning unit keep in mind certain things. For example; do not block the access panel by landscaping close to the AC unit. There should be a 2-3 feet distance between landscaping and the air conditioning unit. Further keep your air-conditioning system accessible for air conditioning repair service, heat, and air repair, heater repair, other HVAC maintenance, HVAC replacement, or a new ac installation service in the future. Take the best advice from Arctic Air Conditioning Company of HVAC Panama City Beach.
  7. Padlock the Blinds and Curtains During Hot Weather: There is a need to keep closed blinds and curtains on a sunny day because direct sun-rays keep your place warm whole the day. And your AC works hard to keep your place cool. It decreases the efficiency of your HVAC system.
  8. Keep the Drain Line of Your AC System Clear: Clear the drain line of your HVAC system before it gets blocked. You can use chlorine bleach with gallons of water to make it clear. If you are unable to make it clear then, contact an HVAC repair company. If you are looking for a cheap AC repair in Panama City Beach, then Arctic Air Conditioning Company is available for 24-hour air conditioning service.
  9. Minimize the Use of Oven and Dryer: During hottest hours, you need to minimize the use of an oven and dryer for the efficient working of your air conditioning unit. The heat produced from the oven and dryer overloads your AC unit to generate more cooling. Because both appliances make the home atmosphere warm.
  10. Keep the Whole Ductwork Sealed: If you see any ductwork exposed at your place then insulate it immediately because it leaks the conditioned air. You can use duct-sealing tape to fix the visual leaks. But a professional can do it more efficiently for you. Schedule an AC repair and service visit of your HVAC professional to fix the whole leaks. We offer affordable AC repair for HVAC Panama City. We use duct insulating material of correct thickness to keep you safe from future AC repair costs.
  11. Practice the Dehumidifier: Buy a dehumidifier to get an efficient and best HVAC system. During higher temperature hours, turn the dehumidifier on for better results for your HVAC heating and cooling system. A dehumidifier makes you and your family more comfortable.
  12. Set the Right Time for Your Chores: During hot weather, choosing the right time for domestic chores. For example; do the cooking tasks during the least least-temperature hours like morning or evening hours. This habit makes your AC system more efficient.

Never wait for big problems with your HVAC system to get it repaired. Schedule regular maintenance of your AC system to save your money and time. Are you searching for the best company of air conditioning in Panama City for regular maintenance of your AC system? Arctic Air Conditioning Company offers the most affordable services of heating and cooling Panama City Florida.

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