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When there is no place for the ductwork then usually people go for window air conditioners that are quite loud. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are the best replacement for central A/C units and window air conditioners. A ductless air-conditioning system comprises a heat pump or an outdoor condenser and indoor air handlers. A heat pump is connected to an external wall via a small pipe.

Mini-splits are slim-profile air conditioning units that are wall-mounted and ductless. The small size of an A/C unit does not matter when energy efficiency and comfort is the major concern. There is no need for a major construction for installing ductless mini-split A/C units. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a higher comfort level in your odd room then, you must get a ductless mini-split A/C unit from Arctic Air Conditioning Company Panama City, Florida. Because you cannot enjoy comfort with your furnace or an old air conditioner in your odd room.

Ductless mini-split A/C units are equally liked throughout the world especially in Panama City, Florida due to their higher efficiency. It is a smart choice for businesses and homes. Window A/C units are designed to control the cooling & heating system of a single space or a room. An outside condenser unit is used to operate a ductless air conditioner. Zero ductwork for mini-split A/C units creates a major difference between central air conditioning systems and ductless air conditioners. Ductless mini-split A/C are multi-zone units and single-zone units. You can get cooling in several rooms with ductless mini-split A/C units.

Get a ductless mini-split A/C unit at your place to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Placement Choices: You can install air handlers anywhere at your place where you want. It creates flexible cooling zones with a single condenser. There is no window requirement for installing a mini-split A/C unit. It is designed to bear every kind of cooling load that is why it is adjustable to any room.
  2. Cost and Energy Efficiency: The capability of zone cooling and higher efficiency makes it more helpful in reducing electricity bills. Moreover, tax breaks and rebates on mini-split A/C units provide a special reduction in purchasing costs. Traditional HVAC units are less efficient for energy as compared to ductless mini-splits. There is no energy loss in ductless mini-splits because they do not require ductwork and are small in size. Moreover, it delivers cooling directly to the room. Ductless mini-split is well designed to control room temperature efficiently without consuming too much energy.
  3. Easy to Install: You can enjoy the ease of A/C installation with ductless mini-splits. It requires only a day to get installed. There is a need for a 3-inch pipe hole to complete the big effort.
  4. Higher Air Quality: Ductwork of traditional HVAC system carry various problems related to the accumulation and distribution of microorganisms and mold at your place. Ductwork is not needed to install mini-split A/C units, therefore; it provides higher air quality without distributing molds and microorganisms.
  5. Environmental-friendly performance: The use of ozone-friendly refrigerant in mini-split A/C unit makes its performance environmental-friendly. Ductless mini-splits have built-in R410A.
  6. Compact and Convenient Size: The size of ductless mini-split A/C units is compact that is highly convenient to install at a satisfying place in your room.
  7. Odd rooms & the instant comfort: If there is a room at your place that is experiencing cooling and heating difficulty then, ductless mini-splits are the best option. It controls the room temperature of an odd room efficiently and provides instant comfort. Ductless mini-splits are the best choice for your home office because, it controls the heat produced from various electronics, printers, and computers. Thus, you can enjoy a great time in your odd room or a home office.
  8. Customization: Mini-split ductless units have customizable options such as multiple sleek units including flush-mounted sleek units, ceiling sleek units, and wall hanging sleek units. A variety of sleek units are highly helpful in the satisfying installation of ductless mini-splits. Moreover, ductless mini-splits are paintable.
  9. Fresh Air: First, mini-split A/C provides fresh air due to its ionizer filter. The ionizer filter instantly removes the dust particles and produces fresh air constantly. Second, ductless mini-splits have an oscillating fan that perfectly impels the conditioned fresh air into your place. The Central HVAC system distributes debris, pollen, dust, and dirt throughout your place due to the contaminated ducts. But, ductless mini-split delivers you the most cleaned and healthier air.
  10. Extremely Quiet: Ductless mini-splits show extremely quiet performance while heating or cooling your room. Usually, recording studios use ductless mini-split units just because of their extremely quiet performance.
  11. Major Renovations are not necessary: Ductwork is an overwhelming task that needs major renovation. But, mini-split A/C units are free from ductwork, therefore; they do not need major renovations.
  12. Multiple-zone mini-split system: If you want to cool or heat more than one room then, you can make a multiple-zone mini- split A/C unit by pairing various indoor units to the outside unit. All indoor units work independently.

Get Your Ductless Mini-Split Unit!

Are you fed up with your traditional HVAC system? Do you want ductless mini-splits at your home or business place in Panama City, Florida? If the answers are yes then, what are you waiting for? Give a call to Arctic Air Conditioning Company Panama City, Florida that offers optimal financing solutions as per your budget. In Panama City, Florida, it is the best air conditioning service, provider. We can schedule a free estimate on a single call from you. We will reach you wherever you are in Panama City, Florida. Our team of experts is available to guide you more about ductless mini-split units. Visit us at Panama City, Florida at the provided address.

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